Custom Travel Program Development For Businesses + Corporations

Each program will be built from the ground up and will be driven by the goals and values that you have defined through the initial consultancy. Our involvement in the program development will go as deep as you see fit. From flights, insurance, logistics and itinerary planning on the back end, to curriculum, safety and risk management, sustainability and social responsibility on the front end, our goal is to set you up for success and send you confidently on your way across the globe.

  • Outcome-Based Program Design: Our program design is the most valued asset in partnership with BlueDotOrg. Our goal is to help you define your objectives and navigate the connections between your organization and those of your partner organization. We will collectively determine the approach that is most appropriate for your partnership (strategy-based, research-based, technology-based, etc.) and identify how to go about communicating it in order to yield the highest impact for all constituents. This is a fluid, collaborative, and open-sourced process. We are committed to the highest quality programing for your partnership.
  • Safety + Risk Management: With over two decades of experience managing international travel programs on four continents, BlueDotOrg has you covered when it comes to safety and risk management. Starting from the moment you sign up for the program to the moment you return home, our risk management and prevention protocols are as thorough and advanced as they come. From our research and vetting process during the initial consultation with all partners, to trainings and capacity building of leadership teams and facilitators, to our dedication to local emergency response procedures, safety is our number one priority. Our goal is to allow you to focus your attention on your organization’s goals, desired outcomes, and the cross-cultural experience you wish to offer to your community.
  • Responsible Travel: Our commitment to responsible travel is unwavering. We place intercultural communication and collaboration at the forefront of all cross-cultural partnerships and respect the diversity of perspective and values that make your partnership unique. Additionally, we aim to enroll various local partners in our programming (providing supplemental training around safety and risk management and leadership training as needed) in an effort to diversify the socio-economic impact that your organization can be proud of. Our goal is to bring communities together in a way that is transparent, mutually beneficial, and purposeful — yielding sustainable returns for all participants and collaborators.