Global Outreach Consultancy (free)

We’ll work with you to define your goals and objectives, build a value proposition, and put together a solid strategy for launching your program. You will be positioned to channel your human, financial, and intellectual resources towards an intentional global outreach program and a sustainable cross-cultural partnership.

  • Goals + Profile Definition: We do not believe in prescribed or scripted global outreach programs, but rather aim to customize a program rooted in the values that you stand for and the uniqueness that you and the people of your organization bring forth. We will help you hone in on the outcomes that you seek from your global outreach program and help you articulate where you are now and where you’d like to be in the future.
  • Building a Value Proposition: One of the most important steps in building an outreach program, you will walk away with a refined mission for your program and several concise messaging techniques that will resonate with your diverse audiences, constituents, and stakeholders. People in your organization need to understand your vision for the future – this will help you do that.
  • Global Outreach Strategy Development: In this phase we will focus on putting together a strong leadership team, coupled with a robust recruitment strategy that will enable you to launch your program confidently and with a clear purpose. With a solid value proposition, a viable financial plan and a robust marketing and media campaign, you will walk away from this initial consultancy with a strong strategy to put your outreach program in motion.