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We represent our international partners with the same integrity with which we represent you. For over two decades, we have built relationships across the globe and have developed unique tools that allow our international partners to further various initiatives in collaboration with educators and professionals with a variety of backgrounds. We value their cultural identity and integrity above all. Our goal is to enable our international partners to diversify their resources in partnership, while furthering their mission from social, environmental, and economic perspectives.

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We want to address the questions you have about global education. We are not interested in making you check off boxes, but in listening to your needs and goals, and in collaborating on creating a program that exceeds them both.

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There’s no better way to connect with other Global communities than by becoming an active advocate yourself. Help us spread the word by connecting your friends and colleagues to BlueDotOrg through our partnership page.

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Please write to us or call to learn more about our programs, our mission and model, and our commitment to global education. We’d love to hear from you.


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