Here is some general information about our Global Education portfolio. All programs are highly customizable and carefully shaped to meet the profile and ethos of your organization. From defining your goals and building your team, to choosing the right destination and building out curriculum, we are committed to helping you design a program from the ground-up. Contact us to find out how BlueDotOrg can serve as your silent partner in integrating Global Education into your organization.

Professional development & Leadership

Professional Development and Leadership programs are designed to build capacity in your team by investing in the people that drive your organization or institution. We firmly believe that there is no better way to further your mission than by investing in the people that see it through. Focusing on leadership and cross-cultural competencies, these content-specific programs will challenge you to consider how you can be most effective in cooperative environments, in problem solving, and in building the global capacity of you organization.

Career + Technical Training

These programs are designed to give you the experience you need to be active, engaged and thoughtful professionals in a globalized society. Often working hand-in-hand with other professionals, the Career + Technical Training programs explore how technology, innovation, automation and technical skills training can be applied sustainable economic development across the world. In partnership with local community organizations and non-profits, develop and apply your skills towards meaningful initiatives and in a variety of cross-cultural contexts.

Social entrepreneurship & sustainable development

These programs look at the role of the private sector in sustainable development and explore how powerful social missions can be financially viable in a variety of contexts. Focusing on the cross-section of various sectors including the private, non-profit, public, and government, these programs aim to give you a holistic perspective into the complexity of sustainable development across cultures.

Arts & Documentary Media

Arts and Documentary Media programs focus on people and culture, and the stories that bind them together. Our programs offer you an opportunity to capture stories through several lenses and share them on various digital and presentational platforms. Seeing the process through from research and development to post-production, participants hone interpersonal, critical thinking, public speaking, and collaborative working skills that allows you to take ownership over your own learning. We believe that stories can have an impact on communities and can effect change, and are committed to helping you uncover how.