Sustainability + Partnerships Management

Having facilitated hundreds of partnerships across the globe, we have developed several tools and approaches that help our international partners further their missions through intentional, cross-cultural partnerships. While your initial exchange might be short-term, your partnership and the legacy it has will endure for generations to come.

  • Goals + Program Alignment: We offer the same services to our international partners in an effort to fully understand their mission, their values, what they stand for and what their goals are for the future. We then align their profile with your goals and objectives to create a meaningful and lasting partnership. Clear and transparent communication throughout the development phase, flexibility and compromise as it relates to the program’s execution, and a positive and innovative outlook towards obstacles will result in stronger relationship. These processes are far too often over-looked and undervalued. We are committed to changing the way cross-cultural collaboration is approached across the globe.
  • Diversifying Benefits + Resources: While our goal is to help you determine how all resources are allocated, distributed and invested, the free exchange of intellectual resources, practices, and technologies constitute the most valuable asset in a knowledge-based partnership. The most important resources available are those that are human in nature. We aim to prioritize the exchange of human resources for all participating partners.
  • Evaluation + Feedback Loops: Building an international partnership takes time and there will always be a few bumps in the road. Our goal is to maximize the time invested by constructing lean processes and by mitigating risk through a comprehensive evaluation system and a functional feedback loop. While value propositions and goals might shift slightly as your partnership matures, the processes for tracking that growth should remain intact and robust. We believe that all constituents must have a platform for voicing their feedback and suggestions for improvement. With this in place, collectively, you will be positioned to grow your healthy and sustainable partnership across the globe.