Sustainability & Social Responsibility

Having facilitated hundreds of partnerships across the globe, we have developed several tools and approaches that help our international partners further their initiatives and their missions through intentional, cross-cultural partnerships. While your initial exchange might be short-term, your partnership and the legacy it has will endure for generations to come.

  • Marketing + Public Relations: We offer the same initial consultancy to all global partners in an effort to fully understand their values, mission, what your goals are for the future. This is where the story begins. We help you articulate the above in a way that will resonate within your community and outside your community. In partnership, clear and transparent communication throughout the program development phase, poise and professionalism throughout the program execution, and a positive and innovative outlook towards obstacles as they arise will result in stronger relationship and a more compelling story. We are committed to changing the way cross-cultural collaboration is managed across the globe.
  • Diversifying Benefits + Resources: While our goal is to help you diversify how resources are allocated, distributed, and maximized, the open sharing of intellectual resources, best practices and technologies constitute the most valuable exchange in this context. We believe that the most important resources are human in nature, and we’re committed to keeping your people at the forefront of your global partnership.
  • Evaluation + Feedback Loop: Building an Global Partnership takes time and there will always be bumps in the road. Our goal is to smooth out the road for you by anticipating and mitigating risk. A comprehensive evaluation system and a functional feedback loop will allow the program to grow and improve overtime. While value propositions and goals will shift as partnerships matures, the processes for tracking that growth will remain in tact throughout. We believe that all constituents should have a platform for voicing their feedback and areas for improvement. With this in place, collectively, you will be positioned to grow in a healthy and sustainable partnership across the globe.