Social Responsibility

First and foremost, we work with educators, institutions, and organizations to help them answer the questions they have about global education within the ethos of their community. We are committed to helping you develop a program that will meet your goals. Secondly, we represent our international partners as much as we represent you. For over two decades, we have developed tools that help our international partners understand how their mission can be furthered in partnership with educators and professionals from secondary and postsecondary institutions and organizations. Our international partners are experts in their respective fields, and as host-country nationals, we value their cultural identity and integrity above all and through all phases of partnership development. Lastly, the direct program costs are channelled to our international partners, and do not get caught in an intermediary account. Our focus lies in Educational Programming, in Safety and Risk Management, and in meeting the needs and goals of educators, institutions, and organizations across all borders.

Safety & Risk Management

With over two decades of experience in managing international travel programs on four continents, BlueDotOrg has you covered when it comes to safety and risk management. From the moment you sign up for the program to the moment you return home, our risk management and prevention protocols are as thorough and advanced as they come. From our research and vetting process during program development phases, to trainings with our international partners, staff, and suppliers, to our dedication to local emergency response procedures, safety is our number one priority. Our goal is to allow you to focus your unwavered attention on your goals in Global Education.

Educational Programming

We are educators through and through, and have refined our approach for over two combined decades. The focus behind each program lies in the goals that we help you define, and our mission is not only to help you reach those goals through international partnerships, but surpass them on all fronts. From professional development opportunities, to service learning and action research, to student-centered language immersion and STEM programs, our methodologies in experiential education constitute your most valued asset in partnership with BlueDotOrg. Our goal, counterintuitively, is to render ourselves obsolete by empowering both international and local partners to forge lasting relationships based on inter-cultural respect, on empathy and compassion, and on a love for life-long learning and growth.