Knowledge is power, and with power comes (social) responsibility. This workshop will help professionals in academia take their research out to the real world. Gather the data you need from the source, develop your proposals in collaboration with the people that will directly benefit from your research, and share your findings in a contextualized setting. Put your research into play… 

Using Public Health as an example, this workshop will offer tips and tools as you navigate some of the most common pain points of this process, including connecting with the right partner or co-author, navigating the international ethics and IRB approval (for research with human subjects), best practices in human-subject data-collection as well as several application strategies including capacity building, training and exit-strategies. In short, this workshop will channel your research into the hands of the people and fields that will benefit the most. 

Instructor: Global Health Consultant & Applied Research Expert 

Instructional Methodology: case-studies in Public Health. 

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