Delve into this fine-art workshop lead by award winning jeweler, technologist and 3D designer, Prof. Jakkrid Kulnawong, on this 2.5-day experience that will take you through the process of producing a high-quality, personalized piece of jewelry art. With Prof. Jakkrid’s guidance, you’ll work through the design process, 3D wax-molding and casting, silversmithing, gem-stone selection, setting and polishing and you’ll learn about modern and traditional techniques for creating a truly refined product.

No prior experience needed, but you will want to lean into your creative side and be ready to set aside a few days to hash out your masterpiece. This workshop is great for newly-weds (or to-be-weds), couples, groups of friends or colleagues, students and anybody who’s interested in an accessible way to learn the craft of fine-art and jewelry design. We all have our own eye for beauty — put your vision into a personalized masterpiece that will stay with you forever…

Hosted in Thailand 🇹🇭

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