In this workshop, participants will gain knowledge of the impacting domains on Pediatric Feeding Disorders (PFD), develop skills needed to appropriately identify a picky eater vs. a problem feeder (i.e. someone who requires treatment), and will gain an understanding of two therapeutic approaches to support children with a limited food repertoire. Attendees will participate in a hands-on learning module to further develop their understanding of the sensory challenges related to eating and drinking. Additionally, attendees will develop a plan for a Food Chaining approach to therapy based on a case example provided. Why are these skills necessary?— Undergraduate/graduate education related to Pediatric Feeding Disorders (PFD) is limited and it is extremely important for young practitioners to gain a clear understanding of the multi-factorial impacts on PFD as well as a basic understanding of therapeutic approaches that can be used with patients who have a limited food repertoire. Developing awareness of the unique challenges for the PFD population will support students in their preparation as professional clinicians.

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