We deliver workshops addressing your specific problem-statements through collaboration with top-tier researchers in academia

Workshops & Webinars for Businesses

We represent for-profit companies, corporations, and small-to-large businesses in a variety of fields. Our goal is to connect our partners in a way that is transparent and meaningful. Here are some of the services we offer to our business partners.

Outcome-Based Design

Just about anybody can put together a workshop that is enjoyable, safe and somewhat meaningful. We like to take it to the next level. Our goal is to help you define your objectives and clearly understand the problem statement(s) you're trying to solve.

Once we are aligned on your objective(s) then our experienced execution team and researchers will be well positioned to design and implement your workshop.

End-to-End Management & Execution

Our team is here every step of the way, from identification of objective(s), curriculum refinement, methodology development and workshop logistics to evaluation and program follow up. We take pride in adhering to a disciplined process that is backed by experienced team members and educators. Furthermore, we will maintain consistent communication with your team to ensure expectations are met throughout the entire process.

We recognize you may have internal team members that may play a more active role in certain aspects of the process and we are happy to adjust our process to best fit your organization and team.

Collaboration with Researchers

We take pride in collaborating with top-tier researchers in the respective domain of our workshops. Our researchers are full-time or actively involved with academic research and teaching, allowing us to tap into the latest developments in the domain and incorporate them into the workshop.

Furthermore, our researchers are eager to collaborate with you to help further their research. With permission from you, our researchers design and conduct experiments that align to both your problem statements and their research. Through these experiments, both you and the researcher gain clearer insight and further enhance the body of knowledge and practice for others to leverage.

Decision-Making: Becoming an effective leader by making rational decisions

Do you perceive yourself as a rational decision maker, someone who thinks through important decisions carefully and chooses the outcome that would be best in the long term? If so, you might be in for a big surprise.

Negotiations: How to negotiate effectively: Insights from scientific research

Why do we sometimes get our way, while other times we feel frustrated by our inability to achieve what we desire? This workshop will explore the science behind influencing, negotiating and consensus building. 

Planning & Support Services

In some situations, our customers require a custom and ongoing program to address their objectives. This may include ongoing change management after the initial workshop(s) or a completely new program or partnership designed from the ground-up. In such cases, our team will work with you — leveraging our change management and ongoing support process. Our change management approach considers the people, behaviour, process and technology required to properly institute the change. 

Planning & Design

Development & Execution

Ongoing Support

Case Studies

Partnership & Expansion

Training & Development

Succession Planning


Large industrial equipment company based in the United States

Global energy manufacturing & services company

Food services company based in the United States


Growing risk of their customer base only located in the US and Canada, needed to diversify globally

Disparate training programs throughout the company

No clear succession plan for senior leadership and key positions


Developed go-to-market plan, and assisted customer with securing resources to execute the plan

Developed and implemented company “University” along with training personnel and “dean”

Developed resourcing plan to identify and evaluate future leaders within organization and outline development and succession plan


Engaged 50+ int’l prospective partners and agents across SE Asia to jointly pursue global customer base

Consistent and clear training and development programs for employees and leadership to leverage

Addressed long-term human capital risk

Partnership & Networking Services

In addition to our change management services, our team has decades of experience with building partnerships.  Having facilitated hundreds of partnerships across the globe between various businesses, organizations, researchers and other experts, we have developed several tools that help our customers further their missions through intentional collaborations with organizations like yours. 

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