Partnerships for Socially-Minded Business

We help businesses of all sizes make a positive impact in local communities, raise their industry profiles, and develop mutually-beneficial relationships with other members of our global network.

Engage Like a Multinational from Wherever You Are.

For-profit companies of all sizes, from small local businesses to some of the world’s largest corporations, leverage our network to develop cross-cultural relationships that strengthen their brands and create new growth opportunities.

Connect With Like-Minded Partners

The BlueDot network is stacked with universities, research institutions, government organizations as well as small and large businesses eager to develop strong partnerships. Our end-to-end management services can help you start a new collaboration or make the most of an existing one.

Get Priceless Market Insights

We collaborate with top-tier academic and applied researchers around the world from a variety of disciplines. Our team will work with you to design, conduct, and support studies that align with your needs and our researchers’ areas of expertise.

Extend Your Reach and Your Impact

Businesses committed to social responsibility know how important it is to find partners that will benefit most from your time, money, and talent. We can introduce you to a wide range of fully-vetted community organizations, help define and measure your goals, and develop programs and events good for everyone involved.

Manage Change Successfully

Whether a new direction comes from an inspiring workshop or years of strategic planning, it’s often easier to envision change than to implement it. We have the expertise, process, and support required to drive the outcomes you want, taking into consideration the people, behavior, systems, and technology necessary to get there.

Let us connect your business to the world

  • Workshops & Webinars (On/Offline)
  • Marketing & PR services
  • Fundraisers & Conferences
  • Network & Talent Development
  • Research Collaborations
  • Retreats & Off-sites
  • Change Management
  • Volunteer Opportunities

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