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Speech Therapy: Expanding Diets in Children with Limited Food Repertoire

In this workshop, participants will gain knowledge of the impacting domains on Pediatric Feeding Disorders (PFD), develop skills needed to appropriately identify a picky eater …

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Triple Bottom Line Workshop

Explore how powerful social missions can be financially viable and have big impact on your organization.

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Applied Research Workshop

Channel your research into the hands of the people that will benefit the most…

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Service Learning Program Development Workshop

There is a big difference between a volunteer program and a Service Learning program. Discover how to design a program that truly pairs “learning” with “services” and effects meaningful change between communities of people.

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Negotiating Effective Change Workshop

Leaning on insights from scientific research on negotiation in the 21st Century, this course will enable you to recognize, understand, and analyze essential concepts in negotiations…

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Business Decision Making Workshop

An improved understanding of how you and others tend to make decisions will greatly increase your effectiveness as leaders.

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Capital Raising Workshop

Find the (financial) resources you need to see your project through, from start to finish.

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Documentary Media​ Workshop

This workshop offers participants an opportunity to capture stories through a variety of lenses and share them on several digital and presentational platforms.

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Herbology Workshop​

Discover how the flora of Northern Thailand holds more than just natural beauty, but a whole world of medicinal applications and health benefits that may not be immediately apparent…

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Artisan Chocolate Making Workshop​

Learn about a hand-crafted approach to chocolate making through the eyes (and hands) of Siamaya’s expert chocolatiers…

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Thai Takraw Workshop

Hosted at a the Thai Sports Academy of Chiang Mai, you’ll want to bring your tennis shoes as you’ll get a crash-course and try your hand (and foot) at this addictively challenging sport.

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Traditional Medicine Workshop​

In this Workshop, participants will learn about the Thai approach to cleansing, curing and treating a variety of ailments using the Thai traditional methods. Dr. …

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Mindfulness in Practice Workshop

Find balance within yourself and discover how your perspective on relationships, decision making, stress and change reach more clarity as you explore the notion of true “wisdom” – an exercise in pacing our “monkey brains”.

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Sacred Amulet Making Workshop​

Learn about this age-old craft that has captivated the spirits and minds of people throughout the world for centuries…

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Jewellery & Fine Art Design Workshop​

We all have our own eye for beauty — put your vision into a personalized masterpiece that will stay with you forever…

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Fermentation Workshop

Learn about digestibles, micro- and pro-biotics, Kambucha, cider, fermented rice, culturing, pickling and carbonation from one of the expert pioneers of the Slow Food Movement in Thailand.

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Thai Traditional Massage Therapy Workshop

This interactive experience will take you through the history of this therapeutic practice as well as explore the many contours that shape what Thai Massage is today.

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