Educational Institutions

We partner with teachers, faculty and administrators, study abroad offices, global studies departments and student organizations to customize travel programs, internship placements, research opportunities, distance learning, workshops and exchanges all over the world.

Workshops & Webinars

Bring the world into your classroom. ​

Guest Presenters & Lecturers     (on-/offline)

Tap into our pool of presenters and lecturers and bring them into the classroom (virtually or in-person). From industry leaders, experts in social, environmental, political and economic sciences, public health practitioners and consultants across all disciplines, we’ll help you connect students to the real-world experiences. 

        BlueDot Workshops          (on-/offline)

This is what we do best. Let us know what you’d like to learn and how you’d like to get there, and we’ll put together a series of workshops that connect the dots. You can also select from our portfolio of workshops. Each can be adapted, modified or combined to meet your specific needs or learning objectives. 

           Training Programs           (on-/offline)

From professional development and technical training programs, to career readiness and vocational training workshops, our content-focused programs reflect the core of our organizations: outcome-based, people-centered and expertly  facilitated by professionals who are competent in their domain. 

Collaborative Research Groups

Connect with people across a variety of disciplines and sectors to gain the perspective and expertise you need.

Focused-Research Topics 

Let us help you connect with industry experts to get your study off (on) the ground. We also offer editing and proposal refinement services that will help you reach your study’s goals and audiences more effectively. 

 Collaborative Research Groups

Let us know what you’re aiming for and we’ll help you connect with other professionals — cross-cultures, cross-disciplines and cross-sectors  — and customize a working group that can take-on several initiatives at once.

Applied Research & Data Collection

Get your research proposal out to the people that could benefit most, and gather the data you need to validate your study — from the real world. We’ll help you reach across sectors and disciplines and ground your research in the real-world.  

Networking & Talent Services

Connect with our Network and we’ll help you identify new opportunities - and the right people to see it through - across the globe.​

Cross-Sectoral, Cross-Cultural, Cross-Disciplinary Partnerships

Our Network is stacked with universities, NGOs, government organizations and small and large businesses around the world that are eager to connect and explore collaborative possibilities. We’ll get your foot in the door and support you along the way… 

Take an existing partnership to the next level:

We’ll work on your behalf to fill in the gaps and connect the dots through our end-to-end management services. We don’t want to get in the way, but we can help you make the most of an existing partnership and help maximize the potential. 

Qualified Staff & Leadership?

We have large pools of highly qualified facilitators, interpreters, academics, experts, experiential educators and consultants all around the world that can help bring it all together and provide you the insight you’ll need to see your project through.

A note about Social Responsibility: BlueDot Partnerships was formed because of our unwavering commitment to people. We’re able to enroll a wide variety of collaborators across sectors and industries because we prioritize social impact and the exchange of intellectual resources. We contract with small businesses, socially responsible suppliers, and we hire and train our staff and facilitators to represent social outcomes. Our aim is to bring international communities together in a way that is as transparent, people-centered, purposeful and mutually beneficial.

Logistics & Management Service

From flights, insurance and itinerary development on the back end, to curriculum, risk management and staffing on the front end, our goal is to set you up for success -- wherever you choose to go.

Bogged down with the logistics?

With decades of experience managing logistics and out- and in-bound program coordination, we’ll take time-consuming and high-touch tasks off your plate and arrange things on your behalf. Focus on what’s important.

Travel & Institutional Liability Insurance

We got you covered with the most comprehensive travel coverage out there and lots of experience with contracting. Focus on what’s most important to you and hit the road assured you are insured.

Staffing & Supervision

We believe that having the right people on the ground makes the difference between a ‘good’ and an ‘outstanding’ program. Tap into our network and let us help you find the right people to give your program the oversight it deserves.

We’re quite happy being your silent partner.

Study Abroad Services​

Our study abroad services will allow you to clearly identify opportunities abroad, put them on the table and discover how to make the most of them.

Itinerary & Curriculum Development

We’ll start with your learning outcomes and the curricular connections that are important to you, then identify the methodology that is most appropriate (project-based, research-based, data-driven, etc.) and build an itinerary that will meet your learning outcomes.

Academic Credit

 As former educators ourselves, we have a lot of experience in this area and are happy to help you navigate this process or align the process within your existing university system. We are an approved provider of academic credit (with Universities of Register) and can help you get the ‘credit’ you deserve.

Internship Placement

 We’ve built a broad network of professional connections in nonprofits and for-profit businesses that are eager to connect with talented folks entering the workforce. Reach out to us for more details. 

Service Learning 

We have tons of experience setting-up ethical, meaningful and high-quality programs. We have advised large educational travel companies, school, universities, and community-based partners on how to come together in mutually beneficial ways.


Field Study

Connect your class to the real-world through field study programs: private sector, non-profit, government and community-based organizations, giving you on the ground perspective (and applied research opportunities) into how your discipline plays out in the field.

A Note about Safety: With over two decades of experience managing international travel programs on four continents, BlueDot Partnerships’ risk management and prevention protocols are as thorough and advanced as they come. Our goal is to enable you to focus your undivided attention on the program goals and the cross-cultural experience for everyone involved.

Check out our courses and workshops (on- and offline), or build something from scratch with our help.

Marketing & Procurement​

Get the word out and secure the resources you need to see it through.

Need help marketing your programs?

People in your community need to understand your vision and how you plan to get there. We’ll help you refine several concise messaging techniques that will resonate with your diverse audiences. Market your program to the right people, with the right message, with our help.

Need fundraising or help securing a grant?  

Our grant proposal and fundraising services can help you get a head-start and secure the resources you need to move your program(s) forward. We support both grant and private investment fundraising endeavours and will help you identify and develop a strategy to sponsor or subsidize your resource needs. Please inquire directly for more information. 

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