Partnerships for a Global Education

We produce and curate educational experiences that foster understanding, develop cross-cultural connections, and broaden perspectives for educators and students around the world.

Bring The World To Your School. Bring Your School to the World

Faculty and administrators, study abroad offices, global studies departments, and student organizations in both secondary and higher education count on us for strategic partnerships that support modern, interdisciplinary education.

Connect With Like-Minded Partners

The BlueDot network is stacked with universities, NGOs, government organizations and small and large businesses eager to develop strong partnerships. Our end-to-end management services can help you start a new collaboration or make the most of an existing one.

Add Global Perspectives To Any Classroom

Our virtual and in-person workshops and webinars bring new voices to any learning experience, from professional development to student programs. Topics include social, environmental, and economic sciences, public health, business studies and sustainable development and more.

Conduct International Research

Academic researchers that require global input, international fieldwork, or local insight rely on our network for success. We excel at building international working groups and can even edit, refine, and distribute proposals to support applied research.

Travel Abroad with Students or Colleagues

As trained educators, we create safe, fun, transformative learning experiences for students of all ages, including continuing education for professionals. We can develop an itinerary and curriculum, manage logistics, provide leadership and even organize internships to match your goals.

Rally Around a Cause

An outstanding event can be the perfect tool to inspire colleagues, students, and other community members. Count on us to help develop and curate your next conference, fundraiser or student-centered summit. We handle all the planning, logistics and talent sourcing so you can focus solely on the event outcomes.

Let us be your partner in global education

Connect with people across a variety of disciplines and sectors to gain the perspective and expertise you need.

  • Workshops & Webinars (On/Offline)
  • Training Programs
  • Guest Lecturers and Presenters
  • Research Proposal Development
  • Student Exchanges
  • Study Abroad Services
  • Academic Credit
  • Continued Education Units
  • Internship Placement
  • Service Learning & Field Study
  • Research Collaborations
  • International Conferences
  • Career Readiness Programs
  • Student-Centered Summits

A Note about Safety and Social Responsibility

The BlueDot team has over two decades of experience managing international travel programs on four continents. Our risk management and prevention protocols are as advanced as they come. Our aim is to bring international communities together in a way that is transparent, people-centered, purposeful and mutually beneficial. We contract with small businesses, thoroughly vet all suppliers for social responsibility, and hire and train all staff and facilitators to prioritize safety and social impact.

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