Community Based Organizations

We support and represent organizations of all shapes, sizes and missions

Consulting Services

We represent Non-Profits, NGO and Government Organizations in deepening and broadening their missions. Here are some of the services we offer. 

1. Development Services

What makes your organization unique? What do you stand for? We strive to deeply understand the values and approach that you represent, day-in and day-out, in order to accurately articulate the goals and vision of your organization. We'll help you prioritize your initiatives, develop metrics that measure the outcomes you seek, and help you articulate where you are now and where you’d like to be in the future. Start off on the right foot, and swing through hard with the left!

2. Networking + Outreach Services

People outside of your community need to understand your vision for the future. We'll help you develop several concise messaging techniques that will resonate with diverse audiences, constituents, and other potential collaborators. Using all the modern platforms, we can help you get the word out there, grow your global network, and partner with the right people that will strengthen and broaden the impact of your organization. Don't do it alone. Do it together.

3. Operational + Talent Services

We will help you optimize productivity, fluidity and agility within your organization. A comprehensive assessment of your current operational structure will help you understand what is working and what opportunities there are to develop. Building on the assessment, we'll help you put together a clear strategy, recruit new talent and we'll provide management and on boarding services to bring it all together. Optimize your productivity with the right people in place... with our help!

Program Development Services

People need to come together responsibly, safely and with purpose. 

1. Leadership Training

Our goal is to prepare you and your team to facilitate a partnership that contributes to the core activities of your organization. You'l need someone to take point, but we can provide training on best practices in hosting and facilitation, safety and risk management, cross-cultural communication and methodologies for interacting with your organization. Set your your team up for success by preparing them with the tools they need to forge purposeful and meaningful partnerships.

2. Safety & Risk Management

With over two decades of experience managing international partnerships on four continents, BlueDot Partnerships’ risk management and prevention protocols are as thorough and advanced as they come. From the partnership vetting process, through our training of leadership teams and facilitators, to our dedication to local emergency response procedures; safety is our number one priority and we don't cut corners. Our goal is to enable you to focus your undivided attention on the goals of the partnership and the desired outcomes for everyone involved.

3. Curriculum Development

Curriculum = Learning Objectives + Methodology + Assessment. This is what sets a good program apart from an outstanding one. Want to offer academic credit or a certificate program to visiting partners? As educators ourselves, we have a lot of experience in this area and are happy to help you navigate this process. Lastly, we’ll share our formative and summative assessment processes that will allow you to measure your program’s success and improve on each iteration as it grows.

Partnership Services

Having facilitated hundreds of partnerships across the globe, we have developed several tools and approaches that help our partners further their initiatives in partnership. Our goal is to connect you directly with other resources, support you in coming together, and then get out of the way! 

1. Partnership Oversight

If you already have a partnership in mind, we’ll work on your behalf to fill in the gaps and connect the dots. If you’d like to develop something new, we’ll work with you to forge a new partnership from the ground-up. We offer outreach services to all partners in education, NGO, public and private sectors that enables everyone to focus on the real reason they've come together. We want you to make the most of your partnership. We'll handle the nuts and bolts and provide oversight where needed. 

2. Social Responsibility

BlueDot Partnerships was formed because of our unwavering commitment to people. We're able to enroll a wide variety of collaborators across sectors and industries because we prioritize social impact and the exchange of intellectual resources. We contract with small businesses, socially responsible suppliers, and we hire and train our staff and facilitators to represent social outcomes. Our aim is to bring international communities together in a way that is as transparent, people-centered, purposeful and mutually beneficial.

3. Sustainability

Building an international partnership takes a lot of time and resources. Our goal is to maximize investments by streamlining processes, by mitigating risks and by capturing feedback throughout. We've developed comprehensive evaluation systems and feedback loops that will help you track your partnerships and program progress. We believe that all constituents must have a platform for voicing their feedback and suggestions for improvement. With this in hand, you will be well positioned to grow a healthy and sustainable international partnership.

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