The BlueDot Network

Connected. Collaborative. Committed.

BlueDot Partners are a global network of individuals and organizations that believe we are all stronger in partnership than we are alone. Together, we create cross-cultural connections and experiences that make the world better today and tomorrow. 

Who is the network?

BlueDot Partners come from the worlds of education, health sciences, business, environment, technology, and beyond.



Experts offering real world knowledge, perspective, skills, training and insight


Researchers, faculty, administrators, and student  leaders from top universities and schools


Experiential educators who lead our programs, workshops, and collaborations


On-demand experts who support specific programs and partnerships


Educational Institutions
Community Partners

What we do for our Network

Network & Talent Services

  • Network & Partnership Growth
  • Human Resource Development
  • Talent & Leadership Search
  • Organizational Development

Marketing & Fundraising 

  • Public Relations & Marketing
  • Resource & Funding Procurement
  • Product Promotion
  • Marketplace Development

Program Development & Consulting

  • Training Programs & Academic Exchanges
  • Professional Development & Workshops
  • Events & Conferences
  • Project Management

How to Join the Network

Want to be part of it? Our careful screening process ensures everyone in the BlueDot network is fully vetted, shares common goals and adheres to strict standards of safety, security and social responsibility.

We work hard to align opportunities with expertise, understand cultural context and maximize the value every partner receives. 

1. Application

We get to know you, including your strengths and needs.

2. Audit

We conduct on-site safety reviews and a thorough background check.

3. Survey

We scour our network for partners with whom you could form a mutually beneficial relationship.

4. Launch

We formally introduce you to the global network and grant access to our full suite of services.

Where you can find us

Our headquarters are in North America and South East Asia. We manage partnerships on 6 continents and over 20 countries.

Looking to join the Network?

Connections around the globe are closer than you think