Developing a true Service-Learning program is much more complex than simply identifying a charity or NGO and volunteering. Just about anybody can create a “service” oriented program where you do something good for someone else (or for another community) and feel good about that. This is called volunteering. 

The Service-Learning process takes a much deeper dive and explores the complexity of sustainable development, civic responsibility, international cooperation and the process of co-defining development milestones that are achievable, meaningful and sustainable. A true Service-Learning program, in this sense, takes a look under the hood of the complex systems and processes that drive “development”, whether they be social, economic, environmental or technological – a deeper understanding of the “problem statement”, often overlooked, is what makes a service-learning program truly meaningful. 

This workshop will take you through several case-studies, and through a comparative analysis, you will walk away with the “tools” and “rules” you’ll need to set-up your own Service-Learning program. 

This workshop’s facilitators have advised some of the world’s largest educational institutions on how to develop partnerships, curricula and service-learning programs that are appropriate for young folks, putting the right people in place to facilitate and the right philosophy in place for the programs to grow and sustain for generations to come.

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