In this Workshop, participants will learn about this high-speed, gravity-defying Thai national sport, called Takraw or (Sepak Takraw). Hosted at a Physical Education Academy, this exchange-based workshop is great for larger groups of students, families as well as corporate groups that need to burn off some steam!

One of the fasting growing sports in Asia, you’ll get an inside look: history, cultural context, training and skills-development and, of course, game-time! Bring your tennis shoes as you’ll get a crash-course and try your hand (and foot) at this addictively challenging sport.

Thais have been dominating the Sport in South East Asia for decades. Come see how… This workshop will wrap-up with a broader conversation on the practice and preservation of Thai traditions through sport and exercise over a healthy (and filling) traditional sticky-rice snack.

Hosted in Thailand 🇹🇭

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